SlaughterProps and Slaughterhouse Studios are a family business and we take pride in every aspect of what we do. We love to scare, surprise and even make people laugh with what we do.

We specialize in making prop weapons, costumes and all types of accessories for the Movie, Cosplay and Halloween attraction industries




What Makes Our Props Unique?
We have been haunting folks for over 30 years and building our own
sets, stages and props from the beginning. We know what scares people
and what it takes to create an amazing and original character. Actors are
the key to any haunt, but a good costume adds to any actors' ability.
With most haunts being dark, it often makes it difficult for a costume to
be memorable and unique. Masks are often hard to see, but a brutal
larger than life weapon is the forefront to a good scare.

All Slaughterhouse Studios merchandise is designed for visual or stage presence only and not intended for any type of physical contact.

Slaughterhouse Studios and its associates are not responsible or liable for any damages or injuries caused by misuse, abuse or misconduct of any items sold.